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A Mature Society: Beginning

What is a mature society? That’s a question that I’ve been turning around in my head for several years.  I believe a mature society rests on a single principle; that we are at our best as a community when we are at our best as individuals.  At peak maturation, an society reaches its ideal – facilitating the individual’s pursuit of self-actualization, thus, working at capacity to improve the quality of life for the community.

So what is my point?  None really.  That’s just the background to the reason I started this blog.  Our society is at a unique inflection point.  We’re at a place where life, politics, art, culture, and technology have converged – all experiencing unprecedented change at the same time.  Never before have we, as humans, had so much immediate access to one another.  Nor has the world changed so rapidly, constantly shifting beneath our feet.  Here’s an example – I have friends from around the world.  We share so much in common: we like the same food, marvel at the same sports icons, groove to the same music, consume the same art, and have spent countless hours studying together, yet we may have grown up very differently.  One of the things that tickles me is that some of these friends have lived their entire lives in a country that didn’t exist when they were born. I mean, they live on the same land.  The same house, perhaps.  Different country.

When I interact with certain people in my social network (not all, though – I can’t stress this enough!), I sense a hint of this mature society, swirling around us, enveloping us and enriching us.  We are spread around the globe doing incredible and diverse things, and we’re at peace among ourselves.  Many (maybe even most) of us are from groups that experience heavy discrimination in the world.  And yet, between us, it feels like there is none.  There is only our debate, our laughter, our understanding, our community.  Admittedly, it’s insular and privileged.  It’s also beautiful.  And so damned educational.  I suppose I want this blog to be a reflection of that mature society.

 We have so many who swear they want to lead, but make decision after decision to recede from the realities of that responsibility

Globally, we’re in such flux that I’m having difficulty even defining the bounds of our larger ‘society.’  Is it global, national, or what?  The answer is: yes.  It’s clear that for Americans, we’re struggling to even agree on how we define ourselves, or how we want to.  Do we want to be global leaders, or not?  We have so many who swear they want to lead, but make decision after decision to recede from the realities of that responsibility.  So where does all of that leave us?

I’m trying to work my way through that question.  I think we all are.  One thing I do know is that thinking about it leaves me with a need for an outlet.  It’s becoming too much to keep it all in my head (that’s probably not unrelated to my having recently become a mother).  My greatest thrills are life (principally, my family), politics, art, culture and technology.  I am an engineer, an attorney, and so much more.  I’m fluent in tech-speak but not exactly a native (I’lll explain this distinction in a different post.  Just rock with me, here).  I’m a voracious reader; a natural-born writer; and I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of subjects.  Each of my thoughts, I’ve learned, is rooted in my desire to find, or create, a mature society.  It starts with frank discussion on the world around us, and our place in it.  This is my beginning.